We Exclusively Raise Welsh Harlequin Ducks
At Quacks R Us Farm we exclusively raise Welsh Harlequin Ducks. We love our ducks and know you will too!

Why the Welsh Harlequin Duck?

Our adventures at Quacks 'R' Us actually began on a whim. My husband and I were helping out our son by picking up some Pekin ducks at a farm on the other side of Florida that he was getting as a gift for his niece, our granddaughter, for her birthday. When we arrived at the farm we were told that they had just sold the last of their ducklings. Grumbling we started the 3 hour trip back home. My husband drove while I frantically searched Craigslist for other ducks. (Did I mention that it was our granddaughter's birthday that day?) That is when I stumbled upon a listing for Welsh Harlequin ducklings. Neither of us had ever heard of a WH duck so I Googled the name and started reading as my husband adjusted our course to head for a farm that was an hour North of where we were. 

  • Light-weight duck, vivid plumage, excellent egg layer, quiet, inquisitive, and makes a great pet were some of the descriptions that popped up in the Google search. 

We arrived at the farm and as we were stepping out of our Jeep we laid eyes on a Welsh Harlequin Duck for the first time; it was love at first sight. The Welsh Harlequins were Top Show Quality Ducks from Holderread Farm's Special Exhibition Matings - they were exquisitely beautiful. We got the four ducklings that our son was gifting to our granddaughter - and bought the remaining seven WH ducklings for ourselves.

We didn't know it at the time but that was the day Quacks R Us WHD Farm was born (if you didn't already guess it, WHD stands for Welsh Harlequin Duck). As the months went on and the ducks grew, so did our admiration for this marvelous breed; the Welsh Harlequin is everything I read on that first Google search and so much more. At 6 months of age the females started laying and each girl has produced a large pearly white egg almost every single day since. We purchased an incubator to hatch a few of the eggs for some friends who wanted some ducklings and discovered the absolute wonder of hatching eggs and the joy of sharing this wonderful breed of duck with other families.

Which brings us to today...

We love our ducks and know you will too.
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The Welsh Harlequin is the perfect duck for a backyard or small farmstead. They are a quiet and inquisitive light-weight breed that surprisingly does not fly. They are as content to swim in a small toddler pool as they are a natural pond. Both females and males have striking plumage. They are also outstanding egg layers, producing 300 to 330 extra large pearly white eggs a year.

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We love our ducks and know you will too!
Quacks R Us Farm
At Quacks R Us Farm We Exclusively Raise Welsh Harlequin Ducks
The Original Seven Quacks 'R' Us Ducklings
The "Original Seven" originated from Holderread Farm's Top Show Quality Special Exhibition Matings. Quacks 'R' Us entered them in the Central FL Poultry Breeders Assoc. 2014, 2015 and 2016 Shows where our females won consecutive Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion Waterfowl. We are very proud of our Welsh Harlequins!
Welsh Harlequin Duck Farm
Welsh Harlequin Duck Farm
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